Best Voice Changer Apps

Did you ever want your voice to sound like the voice of a cartoon character, the voice of a robot, or any sound other than yours to enjoy with friends or make pranks for them, this has become very easy with a large number of applications available on mobile and computer devices, which allow making adjustments to the sound to make it sound another voice through many pre-prepared sound effects, and included within their libraries, let’s take a look at the best voice changer apps Available.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android Devices

Owns Android devices Many applications that allow changing the sound and adding effects to it, including:

  • RoboVox: This application contains 32 sound effects, through which you can control the volume, use any of the effects, and control the extent of their impact, in addition to containing a sound recorder and the ability to save sounds as a ringtone. this app is also available for IOS devices (RoboVox in AppStore)
    Best Voice Changer Apps for Android Devices
  • Snapchat: The most used application to change the sound as it has a large number of effects that can work on both sound, image and the surrounding environment, in addition to the ability to save footage.
  • Androbaby voice changer: It is one of the most used applications, but it is a bit old, it does not contain more than 20 effects, it features the Backwards feature that works by playing the audio clip vice versa, that is, reflecting what is said within the clip.
  • AndroidRock Voice Changer: This application is good and supports dozens of effects, it works like any voice changer application by recording an audio clip and then adding effects to it with the ability to add effects to previously recorded audio clips.

Best Voice Changer Apps on iOS Devices

There are many apps available on the Appstore that allow you to change the sound, including:

  • Voice changer from Arf Software Inc.: This application is great as it contains 55 effects through which you can make many adjustments to a person’s voice to become like any sound he wants, such as the sound of a mosquito ringing, or a robot, but it does not support the voice change feature in real time, allowing the ability to save and share audio recordings.
    Best Voice Changer Apps on iOS Devices
  • Voice Change.r Prank Recorder: This is very unique and directed towards children because of the effects it contains, which represent animal sounds such as the sound of a dolphin, rabbit, cats and many more in addition to the ease of saving and sharing funny recordings with family and friends on various social media applications.
  • HatsOffApps Celebrity Voice Changer: This app allows you to change the user’s voice to become the voice of a celebrity such as US President Donald Trump, Peter Griffin, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian and many more.
  • Telstar Call Voice Changer: This app changes the user’s voice in real time during phone calls to many of the voices available within it with a single touch by selecting the sound effect before making the call, then making it and speaking normally so that the respondent listens to the chosen voice instead of the voice of the main caller.
  • Funcall: This application is easy to use as it only requires the person we want to call and then choose the sound effect from the list included within the application, once you answer the call, the application will change the voice of the caller, in addition to that, the effect used during the call can be changed.

The best voice changers on the computer

Player voices can be modified during gameplay using several voice changers, including:

  • Morph VOX is one of the most popular voice change programs that can handle various games and chat programs, but it is only available on the Windows operating system, the program offers a variety of free features in the MorphVox Junior version and some additional features in the paid MorphVox Pro version, the free version of the program does not gain the satisfaction of many users as it contains only three sound effects (male, female, child), so most users resort to the paid version that allows changing the sound in real time, which makes it Suitable for playing over the network.
  • Voicemod: A software designed for Windows users, allowing voice change over the Internet as well as support for a large number of online games such as Fortnite, Minecraft and PUBG, and chat programs such as Discord, Twitch, VRChat, Skype and Stream Deck.
  • Voxal: A free program available for Windows and Mac users, allowing to change the sound in real time and add effects to previous recordings, characterized by its easy interface and small size, which does not affect the performance of the system and other applications.
  • Clownfish: A cross-platform application available only to Windows users that can be used to change the user’s voice in any application on the computer when using the microphone, such as Skype, Viber, Discord, and TeamSpeak.

In the end, we must say that these applications are used for fun and making funny recordings to share with friends, and family to spread fun no more, so they should not be used in the wrong way in any scam, scam or other wrong uses.