6 ways Fix the apps keep Crushing

The problem of the application Keeps Crashing is one of the common problems facing users of converted phones, and this problem occurs when the user opens one of the applications installed on his phone, to be surprised by a message that shows him that the application has stopped working, so today we will explain ways to solve the problem that the application continues to stop.

The reasons for the problem of the application continues to stop are due to the following points

The mechanism for installing or updating applications may have been incorrectly.
The problem may be related to a weak network.
Lack of storage space, there may not be enough storage space to run applications, especially when opening too many applications at the same time.

Ways to fix an app keeps crashing issue

Time needed: 5 minutes.

After mentioning the reasons that lead to the application stopping working, appropriate solutions can be reached for this problem, as shown as follows:

  1. Update the app

    The application may display different forms of malfunctions if it is outdated, poorly developed, or full of errors, so application developers work around the clock to fix errors and other problems, then the user must update the application if there is a new version available, by opening the Play Store, then typing the name of the application in the search bar, then the application is selected and the “Update” button is clicked, and if the application is not available on the Play Store, it is downloaded with the latest version and installed From secure APK sites.

  2. Clear the application cache

    The excessive accumulation of temporary files can lead to the continued crash of the application, so clearing the cache of the application is one of the solutions proposed to solve the problem of its stoppage, and the erasing process is done by going to Settings, then going to Manage Applications, selecting the application to be erased, then clicking on “Clear data”, or “Clear storage”, and this will delete all saved application data, and the user must set it up again.

  3. Deactivate the app

    The user can deactivate the application, or the so-called “forced stop” to solve the problem of the application stopping working, and this method is one of the easiest ways to fix the application, and it is done by going to Settings, then going to Manage Applications, selecting the application to be deactivated, and then pressing the “Forced Stop” button.

  4. Update the System Web View application

    The Android system web application is one of the system components that are pre-installed from Google and this component allows Android applications to display web content, and problems in this application may cause other applications to stop working, and although Google automatically installs the stable version on devices, the company recommends the user to update Android System Webview manually by opening the Google Play Store, searching for Android System Webview, and then clicking the update button.

  5. Restart your phone

    This solution is resorted to in the event that the application continues to stop working despite the user exhausting all the solutions offered to solve this problem, as the restart of the phone frees up the device’s RAM, terminates unnecessary applications running in the background, fixes minor system errors that cause applications to crash, and the Android phone is restarted by pressing and holding the Power or Lock button and selecting Restart in the power menu.

  6. Delete the app

    If the problem of the application stops working continues, the user can delete the application and reinstall it again, and it is worth noting that the process of deleting the application is done by going to Settings and then going to Applications, searching for the application to be deleted, then pressing Uninstall, and after deleting it, the user can reinstall it from the Google Play Store to make sure that the problem is fixed, and if the problem persists, you can contact the application developers to reach the ideal solution.